Some tennis instruction myths exposed... is an easy game made complicated by so much bad information...

There are many things you will hear on tennis court from mis-informed tennis coaches and players that are just not true! These are things that have held many players back in the past...

Below are things we hear repeated on the tennis courts and it drives us mad because they are precisely the instructions that halt progress or hinder improvement.

Tennis is a natural easy game to learn or play if taught using the
MTI Method


Bad old days... Sideways on and racquet back early.
This hinders improvement!

 myth  truth
prepare early top players wait
you must have a loop on your backswing your backswing takes care of itself depending on the height of ball coming to you 
shape and style are the most important aspects of tennis timing and tracking are the most important aspects of tennis
footwork patterns must be taught early on  keep footwork patterns natural and let players discover their own athleticism 
take your racquet back early top players stalk the ball with the racquet in front
stay down on the ball top players lift up as they hit
you must hit the ball off the front foot and early top players wait for the ball and hit off the back foot as much as the front 
move forward on your serve top players lift off on their serve
turn sideways to the ball top players hit mostly from square on
spin is for advanced players only complete novices can hit 20 - 50 shot rallies in minutes of learning this system


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