The Topspin Serve Lesson

makes for a great second serve...


The penultimate video lesson on the serve. Most people are judged as a tennis player by there second serve. This serve is one of the most effective second serves in the game...

Another easy to follow MTI Method lesson on the serve... this time apply Topspin!

Watch Juan Martin Del Potro hit various serves in super slow motion including some excellent topspin examples...

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Video Lessons to come:
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Video 2 of The Serve - How to hit a Flat Serve - Like Andy Roddick
Video 3 of The Serve - How to hit a Heavy Serve - Like the great Pete Sampras
Video 4 of The Serve - How to hit a Slice Serve - Like Rafa Nadal
Video 5 of The Serve - How to hit a Kick Serve - Like Roger Federer and Sam Stosur
Video 6 of The Serve - How to hit a Topspin Serve - Like the top pros
Video 7 of The Serve - Style over Fundamentals - How changing you serve style can sometimes benefit your serving action