Tennis Elbow Exercises to help Alleviate the Pain 

Tennis Elbow ExercisesSimple exercises that may help the treatment of Tennis Elbow

First make sure your symptons really are tennis elbow...

What is Tennis Elbow.

Tennis elbow is caused by a strain to tendons in your forearm. The tendons become inflamed where they join the bony part on the outside of your elbow joint. 

If you partake in any activity that involves gripping and twisting of the forearm… this can cause this type of strain… So in many instances these strains aren’t essentially related to tennis or any kind of exercise.

Golfer’s elbow is a similar condition that affects the inside of the elbow joint near the funny bone.  

Tennis players generally incur these symptoms from either:

  • incorrect technique (so many beginners experience this because they fight the ball instead of learning the correct way to hit a ball)
  • overuse (repetitive actions)
  • playing with tennis balls that are the wrong compression (too wet, too light, too heavy)
  • playing with metal racquets (these racquets are big cause of injury)
  • or the wrong weighted racquets (especially... too light or even too heavy)  

Tennis Elbow symptoms? 

A sign of tennis elbowTennis elbow symptoms may vary… it could be you have slight discomfort when you move your arm, or to the point where the pain is so bad that it could even disturb your sleep.

You may well see and feel a slight swelling around the outside of your elbow and it will feel quite tender to touch. You might also experience pain further down your forearm.

You will find repetitive movements of the wrist will make the pain worse, especially if combined with a weight, for example if you’re lifting boxes or swinging a tennis racquet. 



Elbow Bend exercise for tennis elbowHow to Treat Tennis Elbow with Simple Exercises
From Arthritis Research UK

Elbow Bend 

Stand up straight and lower your arm to one side.

Bend your arm slowly upwards so our hand is touching your shoulder.

Hold for 15–30 seconds.

Repeat 10 times. 


Wrist turn tennis elbow exercise Wrist turn 

Bend your elbow at a right angle and hold out your hand, palm up.

Turn your wrist slowly so that your palm is now facing down.  

Hold for 5 seconds, and then slowly release.  

Do 3 sets of 10 repetitions. 


wrist turn with weight exercise for tennis elbowWrist Turn with a Weight 

Repeat the exercise above while holding a light weight  

(e.g. a can of baked beans). 



Wrist Lift tennis elbow exerciseWrist lift (palm up) 

Bend your elbow at a right angle.

Hold a light weight (e.g. a tin of baked beans), palm up.

Bend your wrist slowly towards you.  

Hold for 5 seconds, and then slowly release.  

Do 3 sets of 10 repetitions. 


Wrist flex 

Wrist flex exercise for tennis elbowKeeping your arm straight in front with your palm facing down, gently bend your wrist down.

Use the opposite hand to press the stretching hand back towards your body and hold for 15–30 seconds.

Straighten your wrist.

Gently bend the stretching hand backwards and use the opposite hand to pull the fingers back.

Hold for 15–30 seconds.

Do 3 sets with each wrist. 

These exercises can help to cure your problem in anything in as little time as
just 2 weeks.

More... Tennis Elbow Treatment...

You can also take painkillers to ease pain. (Only take the recommended dosage)

Taking them before exercise can help you stay active without causing extra pain.

Using an ice pack or hot-water bottle and learning how to protect your joints will help.

If the pain persists then we recommend you seek professional help.

We also recommend an epicondylitis clasp otherwise known as a  Tennis Elbow Brace, which can help reduce the strain on your  elbow if you need to make repetitive hand and elbow movements,  for example while you’re working or playing!


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