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Based in Westcliff , Essex, UK
Delivering the MTI Method at Invicta Tennis Club

YOU Can Set Up Your Own MTI Academy using the MTI Method 

The MTI Method develops players quickly and correctly. It concentrates on Andy Magrath pictureddevelopment not just results...

If you want to run your own MTI Academy contact Andrew Magrath (pictured right)

Phone:- 07931 899998

Email :-

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Andrew Magrath

CEO and Co Founder of MTI,

LTA Tutor
Head Tutor of MTI


Andrew Magrath (pictured right) runs a small MTI Academy at Invicta Tennis club in Westcliff-on-Sea on a part-time basis due to his commitment as aTutor in taking the MTI Method to Coaches and players in the UK and around the World.

Andrew is a passionate, dedicated and extremely professional coach who is admired for his courtside manner and the fantastic results he produces in such a short space of time at all levels of teaching.

He is the architect to many of the innovations that MTI have introduced to the World of tennis (And that so many now try to emulate).

Step by Step

The beauty of an MTI Academy is that it rewards development at all stages of a player’s journey… not just their results. Every player becomes aware of their developmental needs and goals, and is shown the solutions in the step by step progressions used in the MTI Method.

Coach – Player – Parent Relationship is Excellent with MTI Method

Coach after coach have remarked at how quickly players progress this way and that parents buy into the whole process as they are shown the syllabus for their child’s development beforehand.

This triangulation leads to a very healthy relationship between all parties and allows the coach to teach, the player to improve and the parent to support.

See the MTI Method in Action

The best thing for you to do to see the MTI Method in action is to join an MTI Course. We run many courses throughout the year and you can see course times, venues and availabilty if you click here.


Andy Magrath


Andrew Magrath with Awards for some of his junior programme

Andrew Magrath with his juniors with their
MTI Awards

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