play modern tennis in schools

A complete school tennis programme for ALL school children which provides exit routes to matchplay and qualifications

At last....Teaching tennis in Schools suddenly became EASY!  



See what, Simon Grassi Head of Tennis, & Kimberley Holt, PE teacher at Charters School Ascot think of our simple modern tennis system...

If you would like Modern Tennis in your School and would like more information please email us at this address...  
or call Andrew Magrath on 07931 899998


Tennis is a life skill that will keep children healthy, happy and fit for life...

Unlike other complicated attempts to bring tennis into schools this modern tennis system ticks all the boxes in a big way and WORKS. These are the benefits experienced at Charters School described above in our video clip....

Easiest way to teach tennis in a school curriculum
Teachers need no previous tennis experience
Works with large classes across the spectrum of needs and abilities
Started with 0 kids in after school tennis club now have over 300 of all levels of play
Other teachers have picked it up easily
After only 6 – 8 weeks the children can enjoy a proper game of tennis
Don’t need immaculate facilities can be done in a car park with some tape across for a net


How the programme works....

Modern Tennis International (MTI) will provide the whole package. 

We start with offering school tennis to key stage 2, 3 pupils. Key stage 4 pupils then have the option to take a VRQ Level 2 qualification at their school.    

This is  equivalent to a GSCE grade ‘B’ .    

This qualification offers  46 performance points per pupil  to the host school for their national league standings   

Key steps to school tennis success:

Step 1 . Key stage 2 internal PE training raising tennis awareness. This will help local club promotion

Step 2.  Easy Tennis Primary School League. (Details available with teacher training)

Step 3.  Key stage 3 and 4 internal PE training raising tennis awareness. This will help local club promotion

Step 4 . Easy Tennis Secondary School League (details available with teacher training)

Step 5 . VRQ (vocational related qualification) level 2 for Key stage 4 pupils. 

Step 6.  MTI NVQ Level 2 full qualification (17+)  

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