Inner Works Coaching 

Inner Works Coaching is a UK based organisation specialising in the Inner Game principles developed by Tim Gallwey.

We provide tailor made training courses and consultation for sports coaches and players.

Our flagship Coaching For Self-Belief courses have been personally approved by Tim Gallwey and our tutors have trained with some of the most respected experts in the field of coaching.


In any game or human endeavour there are two parts – an outer game played against an external opponent to achieve an external goal and an inner game which takes place in the mind of the player and is played against such obstacles as lapses in concentration, nervousness, self doubt and self condemnation. How we play the inner game can either inhibit or allow our potential. Clearly this model of 'performance equals potential minus interference' has implications for coaches.

This six-hour course gives coaches a clear understanding of the underlying principles of the Inner Game: focused attention, trust, choice and non-judgemental awareness. These fundamentals enable students to begin to master their inner game and to learn more naturally and efficiently. The process recognises their individuality and encourages greater involvement and therefore motivation. Most importantly, this style of coaching is a catalyst for inspiring self-belief.

* Experience the Inner Game principles as a player and as a coach.

* Begin to build your own set of awareness raising drills for technical, tactical, physical and mental skill development.

* Test drive Inner Game techniques to improve focus and motivation.

* Improve your ability to use performer-centred coaching skills.


A six-hour course for those who have attended an introductory course and want to deepen their knowledge and, most especially, their ability to apply Inner Game coaching skills more effectively.

The tutors will work with the participants on their chosen areas of interest within the skill-set, finding an appropriate balance of theory and practice with the group.

We aim for coaches to finish the day with more ability to link the key Inner Game principles to the intricacies of goal setting, asking effective questions, listening, summarising and giving feedback. We also anticipate exploring the balance of instruction and performer-centred skills in more detail.

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