How to Hit a Flat Serve Like Andy Roddick

Using the Correct Grip 


Welcome to Video 2 of 7 free lessons on the serve that you will receive now that you have subscribed to MTI. We have had a lot of nice feedback on this video series and here are a few of the testimonials we have received from coaches and players once they watched this particular short 3 minute lesson... 


Hi, that short clip was simple easy to follow and explain to my students who are mostly women and as you know have a harder time learning to serve with the correct grip and understanding the motion.

Thanks really appreciated.

Kathryn Short

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Hi, Andrew,

Thank you for your video clip on how to hit a flat serve. It has to be the best, most simple, fastest lesson I have ever seen on how to serve a tennis ball.

I went on to the court today to try it out. At first, I netted four balls. Then I realized I was holding the racquet too low and remembered what you said about raising the hand level with the face. Then the balls started going in, and with pace (must be the very quick pronation).

I couldn't believe it was so simple. It's very "do-able" and is a serve I can take anywhere. I also do a more traditional serve, which usually works OK for me, but I can't see much difference between the two.
This one is not only easier to hit, but also seems easier on the shoulder, especially for an older player like me.

As I was practising, it reminded me of a service style I had seen before. It was very much like that used by the Japanese female player, Kimiko Date-Krum. She's a bit of a sensation on the women's tour, being the oldest at 41. But all her strokes are economical and I'm pretty sure this compact serve is one of them.

It looks easy, but it's necessary to follow the steps as you demonstrated to make it work.

Thank you,
George Spencer.

 The Flat Serve - made easy with the correct grip...

Compare the simple lesson above with the finished article... Andy Roddick

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