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"FREE Confidence and Control DVD Offer"

Want a FREE Confidence and Control DVD of the MTI Method? If you are a webmaster, blogger or Internet columnist, write 1 review of MTI Method now on your own website, blog space or column and you'll qualify for a Free DVD. Whereas if you are not, add that number to 10, and you can earn yourself this bonus for free too.  

General Requirements of the Review

To win your free Confidence and Control DVD you need to post a review of MTI Method on how you use it, what is good or bad about it. The review must be more than 400 words and written by yourself. And a link to home page should be included. Copy in any form from our site or other sites are unacceptable.

For Any Webmaster, Blogger or Internet Columnist, please;

(1) Write a review of the MTI Method on your own website, blog space or column.

(2) Put the review on your index page or sub-page.

(3) Keep the sub-page link including the review on your index page at least 2 months if you put the review on a sub-page.

(4) Contain a link to home page in the review content.

(5) Make sure your website/blog can be indexed by Google.

Once you’ve posted the review of the MTI Method on your space, please send an email with subject "Free DVD" to   including the review URL of your space.... And you'll get the Free DVD sent to you right away!

For People who haven't got a website or a blog:

Write a review of the MTI Method (see General requirements of the review mentioned above), post it on no less than 10 public forums or communities and send us those links to the review at    with subject "Free DVD". We will send you a Free DVD within 10 business days after verification. 

Please note  : We will not grant you a Free Confidence and Control DVD in case we find your post to be a blatant forum-spam, or if your blog is just a spam blog or is not active. 

The Confidence & Control DVD contains the 'secret' to the MTI Method and how to gain confidence and control to every shot technically

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