Frequenly Asked Questions

How is the MTI programme different from other programmes?

For many, many reasons…..  

We are not just another ‘tennis drills’ website. We are much more than that. 

MTI is a completely independent organisation. MTI have developed this programme through their own research and though some individual progression data may seem similar to the teachings of other coaches this programme is uniquely ours.

There are many coaches and programmes out there and we are aware of most of them. 

Unfortunately, many of these methodologies miss the boat as it were by either not paying attention to detail, teaching skills in the wrong order, omitting important areas out or just through plain overplay on the information resulting on total complication. 

 MTI has spent a great deal of time in patient research in developing a programme that fills in the ‘gaps’ left by other programmes with ultra simple explanations that even a novice player is able follow. 

Hence we have created a syllabus that is easy to follow and above all; produces quick results. 

Not only that, we have provided a huge amount of support material in terms of goal setting and goal measurement whereby players can easily monitor their progress on fact and not through guess work. 

One last point is that where other sites provide an abundance of useful filmed drills, MTI provides not only ‘filmed drills’ but the entire filmed tactical practice session/lesson for every game situation, for coaches and players to follow. 

These show you how and what to practice. 

Please note that these are only some of the reasons why MTI are different from anyone else. 

Who is the MTI Membership aimed at? 

ü  All standards of tennis player who are serious about improving their game and being measured as such.  

ü  Tennis coaches who are serious about vastly improving their knowledge and service to their clients. 

ü  Parents of young players who wish to take an active role in their child’s development.  

Do I have to attend every MTI course to benefit from membership? 

No, you will not have to attend any course to receive full benefit. The courses are the bonuses whereby you have the chance to experience the on court tuition for yourself. The 3 courses that are included within your membership provide 5 LTA licence points each so therefore you will receive 15 CLS points per year.  

If you are overseas and find it impossible to attend our courses in the UK then don’t worry, we can offer you the two options; 

1.    We will be filming each course and posting it to the membership site for your perusal. 

2.    We will gladly travel overseas as long as our travel expenses are taken care of. 

 Are MTI planning any new course material? 

The short answer is ‘yes’. Basically we will run whatever course there is suitable demand for. So members can inform us if there is a course topic they would like to see. 

As a total programme, we will always aim to evolve.  


Will new online material be added to the library? 

Yes, continually. 


What if I already have the MTI DVDs, will there be any new stuff with the membership? 

Yes as well as the original material there will be new tactical practice sessions for intermediate and advanced players continually added. But don’t forget the other vast amount of support material! As we said before we are not just an online drills website. 



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