David Lloyd Leisure and the MTI Method

With Over Half Million Members the David Lloyd Clubs turn to MTI to Design a New Adult Programme for Them...

Watch these videos to see what the coaches
at David Lloyd Leisure think of the new
 they have to deliver to
their members...


David Lloyd Coaches give a huge thumbs
up to On Track Programme

They loved the Power Track Training

And their Boss National Racquet Manager
Ross Matheson is very proud of this
new programme

PLEASE NOTE: Ross has sinced moved on to
the LTA but lists this new programme as
fantastic legacy of his work at DL




Using the MTI Method, MTI designed a full Adult Programme for David Lloyd leisure.
If you joined a David Lloyd Club today you could enjoy one of these excellent classes...

The Racquets Welcome - A Free taster session showing how easy it is to get into the tennis programme
Fast Track - 4 Free Sessions for Beginners or Rusty Tennis Players to get to grips and enjoy early success with the MTI Method
On Track - 12 or 6 week Courses that follows on naturally from Fast Track giving players confidence and control in all their strokes
Power Track - 12 or 6  week courses that are natural follow ons to the On Track courses helping players to discover how to add power to their games







This programme is enjoying huge success at 70+ David Lloyd

David Lloyd and MTI Logos

Clubs in the UK and around Europe. The Coaches have all given it their 100% backing and love the quick success they are enjoying with it.

MTI have used their Buddy Coaching system to help this programme become popular. So players are improving quickly and the improvement stays with them.

The amazing truth is that DL were offered a free adult programme from the LTA (The National association of Britain) but chose the MTI way as they felt it was far superior to what was on offer.


Download The MTI Method Secrets


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"Fantastic! You've just condensed hours of biomechanical tuition into a few drills"

Rob Heron, Head Coach, DL Speke, Liverpool, UK

"The fastest way to get beginners to play like a pro"          

Marius Barnard after a course

Mariua Barnard, Head Coach, DL York, UK. Also quarter finalist at Wimbledon and the Aussie Open


"Best system for teaching tennis ever! Ideal for all levels of players. The course was great as usual."

Michael Adams
Michael Adams Head Coach, DL Hull, UK


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