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How to Play Tennis…
If you think tennis is a hard and difficult game to learn and play - THINK AGAIN! The MTI Method makes tennis easy and natural for everyone!
The Best Tennis Tips

For years the established ways of teaching tennis have made the game a complicated and a long winded process.

Watch these to see a summary of how simply you can improve these strokes with the MTI Method..

Here we will show you some simple tennis tips on how to play tennis using the MTI Method

The method speeds up the learning process and enables you to progress quickly and confidently!

Tennis Techniques

There are 4 main secrets to mastering tennis with the MTI Method… aka T T F F

1. (T) Tracking – The stalking and tracking of the ball with your racquet

2. (T) Timing – Striking the ball at the correct time in relation to your body

3. (F) Feel – Becoming one with the ball and feeling what you are doing to it with spin

4. (F) Finish – The correct racquet finish to the action you are imparting on the ball

Get these fundamentals right on all your strokes and you are long way down the road to success with tennis.

The MTI Method makes the learning process so much easier because it allows you to progress a step at a time without being aware of the complicated techniques you are mastering in the meantime…

The One handed backhand is so much easier to master with the MTI Method

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Tennis Scoring

A tennis match is made up of sets, games and points.

The most popular format of a tennis match is the best of 3 sets.

A set is the first player or players to reach 6 games with a 2 game advantage e.g. 6-2, or 6-4 or 7-5.

If the score reaches 6-6 then a tiebreaker is played
(See how to play a tiebreaker)

The Points in each game is scored thus…
(Remember LOVE means zero in tennis!)

You start at 0-0 = Love all
If you are serving and keep winning points the score will go like this…

  • 15-0 = Fifteen-love

  • 30-0 = Thirty-love

  • 40-0 Forty-love

Win the next point and you have won a game, so the set score would be 1-0 to you and your opponent would serve next.

Please note… the servers score is always called first.

If you win the first point of your opponents service game the score would be…

  • 0-15 = Love-fifteen

If they win the next point then the point score would be

  • 15 -15 = Fifteen-all

If the server wins the next point then the points score would be

  • 30-15 = Thirty-fifteen

or if you the returner win that point instead it would be...

  • 15–30 = Fifteen-thirty

  • 30-30 = Thirty-all

  • 40-30 = Forty-thirty


  • 30-40 = Thirty-forty

  • 40-40 = Deuce

  • Ad-40 = Advantage Server

  • 40-40 = Deuce

  • 40-Ad = Advantage Returner


For a full interpretation you can
download the basic rules of tennis here.

How to Play a Tiebreaker

A tiebreaker is normally played when the score reaches 6 games all.

The winner is the player to reach 7 points first with a 2 point lead e.g. 7-5 or 7-4 etc.

If the score gets to 6-6 in the tiebreak then the winner will be the player or doubles team that gains a 2 point lead first from that point onwards… e.g. 8-6, 9-7 or 10-8 etc.

Vital things to remember in a Tiebreaker…

You always start a tiebreak from the right court.


Because it’s the right side to start from!

Even score = right court!

When the score is even e.g. 0-0 or 1-1 or 0-4 the players are serving and returning from the right court.

Odd score = Left Court

When the score is odd e.g. 0-1 or 2-1 or 1-4 the players are serving and returning from the left court.

Server changes = Left Court

The first point is played from the right and the server only gets to serve for one point.

After that each player plays 2 points on his or her serve before changing server.

When you have played 6 points you must change ends of the court.

Once another 6 points are played you change ends again.

Repeating every 6 points.

Tennis Terms (A few of many)

Love = Zero  

Tram lines = the two lines either side of the court which outline the area that doubles is played in.

Deuce = 40-40 (forty-all)  

Baseline – Where servers serve from. It’s the back line of the court

Service Line – The line that servers can serve to and is the line that crosses the court horizontally

Centre Service Line - is the line that divides the service line into service boxes  

Foot fault – When a server steps on or over the line before they hit their serve.  

Ace – Is a serve that is not touched by your opponent and is a clean winner

Second Serve – Each player gets 2 chances at serving and this is obviously the second one

Let Serve – Is a serve that gets replayed as it has clipped the net on the way over and lands in the correct service box

There are literally hundreds and hundreds of tennis terms, with many new ones being created all the time. If you would like to know more
please click here to download a PDF of the latest glossary of tennis terms...

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